Can you afford not to have your home Staged?


So you’re looking to sell your property and you’ve heard about home staging. But why is staging your home critical when putting it on the market for sale?

Knocking the socks off your target buyer is your main goal.  Research shows that buyers make a decision about whether they like a home or not within 30 seconds. First impressions, therefore, are critical.

Staging your home not only creates a beautiful space, it creates an experience for the buyer. And as property programmes on TV demonstrate, buyers are very demanding! If you don’t meet their high expectations you may not sell or risk being knocked down on price.

A well-dressed, beautifully presented property attracts a lot of attention. This is true regardless of the current state of the market. In a cold market, buyers don’t need to settle for anything less than the very best. Why should they spend time and money fixing up a home when a staged property looks spectacular and is move-in ready? In a hot market, buyers go into a frenzy focusing on the hot property of the week and ignore the rest. You want your property to be the hot one, with buyers scrambling to outbid each other.

The crucial question, however, is at what price?

At Reborn In Style our solutions are designed to be affordable without sacrificing on quality or style. Our initial consultations are free with no obligation.

Once agreed we will provide a full proposal based on our recommendations for your unique property. This might be to lease furniture, acquire some furnishings, rearrange and declutter what you already have, or make some minor cosmetic enhancements like a fresh coat of paint. The investment you make in staging your home is returned with a faster sale/rental  and higher asking price!

Check out our competitive and clear Price Guide.