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As professionals, we all know that, if a property is presented well, it attracts more viewings, and ultimately has a much higher chance of selling/renting.

We also know that most vendors want to spend as little as possible on the entire process, so before you get the instruction, you may be understandably reluctant to suggest they may need to invest a little more in order to facilitate a faster, more profitable sale/rental.

But more and more landlords and vendors now realise they need to prepare their homes for sale…and that you need to be able to take great photos of every room .

There are many reasons why some of them can’t do it themselves, as lack of time or purely inability to see through “buyer’s/renter’s eyes”, so we just want to offer a professional “add-on” service to enhance your own.

Your client will then know what to do and how to do it… and if they need more help, we work quickly and efficiently so that your sales process won’t be interrupted. Most projects take less than a week, and we understand your need for speed.

Reborn in Style home staging services helps to bring poorly presented properties to life and enhance it’s appeal to prospective buyers and renters.

We’ve had success with properties at a range o values and locations, with the majority of homes we stage going under offer in a matter of weeks.

Our services are invaluable for property developers too – we dress show homes at a fraction of the cost of traditional interior designers.

Check out our competitive and clear Price Guide.